SSX Xtreme Community Showdown – Week #2 Now Live; Week #1 Results Included

Our SSX Xtreme Community Showdown continues this week with new events and more treacherous terrain to tackle. Every week, there will be three different events to partake in, each tailoring toward specific game types. If you’re a racing enthusiast and are all about speeding your way down the mountain as fast as possible, then our Race It event is right up your alley. There will be NO WINGSUITS allowed, resulting in a more pure and fair racing event. Are you all about showing off your survival skills? Then the Survive It will be the best event to tackle. It’s all about survival so NO REWINDS are in effect, pushing your skills to the test.

Love to showoff your “skills to pay the bills”? Well “bring your mama in the room and show her how great you are” in the High Roller Club of the Trick It event. Why is it called the High Roller Club you ask? Well, the event drop cost is 1,000,000 SSX Credits to compete in. There’s another catch to this event…Winner Takes All. There’s no standard bracket which means there’s no credits earned for just attempting it. This event is for SSX enthusiasts who really think they have what it takes. The more people that join, the bigger the money pot is, so spreading the word of the event is key here. Once again, NO WINGSUITS and NO REWINDS are in effect.

The one thing that will not be limited is your character level, so keep in mind to use your highest rated characters. Now, the events will all last for exactly one week and once you buy-in for the competitions, you’re always welcome to come back and retry the event to improve your score at no extra cost.

This week’s events are as follows:

Race It: Alaska > Silverthrone > Pan (No Wingsuit)

Description: Pan provides a ton of pipelines to grind on to, leading to consistent boosting and high speeds. Thanks to a minimal amount of crevices to worry about, all you need to do is find your fastest line and nail it.

Event Drop Cost – 400,000 SSX Credits


Trick It: New Zealand > Mount Wakefield > Bulldog (Winner Takes All) (No Rewind+Wingsuit)

Description: Bulldog provides an excellent tricking ground that ensures players to grab some high scores. There are a ton of high jumps and a solid amount of rails to further help add to your combo score. Remember, only ONE person wins this event.

Event Drop Cost – 1,000,000 SSX Credits


Survive It: Patagonia > Cello Torre > Last Call (No Rewind)

Description: Last Call is an intense survival track that will push you skills to the limit. Crevice galore, multiple paths and barely any safe ground to shred down, you’ll have to carefully navigate through this nightmare.

Event Drop Cost – 400,000 SSX Credits


How do you participate in the events? Well, first off, the events are only for the PS3 version of the game as that’s the version the staff has here. From this point on, you add either Glacier928, Argus9Z or Rion_7 on PSN and type in the message: “SSX Xtreme Community Showdown”. Blank messages will result in us not adding you. Simple concept, right? At the end of the weekly event, the winners of each event will be announced on the site!

The event is now live so strap on your boards and showoff your SSX skills!


Here are the results for the first week of our SSX Xtreme Community Showdown.

Race It: Alaska > Foraker > Lock Jaw (Winner: Rion_7 = 1:46.23)

Trick It: Rockies > Whitehorn Mountain > Curnoe’s Moustache (Winner: Glacier928 = 22,243,766)

Survive It: Himilayas > Chomo Lonzo > The Monster (Winner: Skyhawke_2 = 34,648.45m)