Will Pizza Making Change the Face of Gaming and Employment?

Brace yourselves everybody! Domino’s new employment Application/Game could possibly transform the way we order pizza and succeed at jobs. If you’re feeling puzzled right now, that’s a normal reaction and I will explain. Pizza Hero is a pizza-making video game that has been out since the fall of 2011, free on the App Store. The gamer’s objective is to make pizzas rapidly and precisely.

You will stroke your fingers on the iPad screen to roll out some pizza dough. You swipe your fingers in a circular motion to spread the sauce, then sprinkling cheese with the tap of your fingers. You tap toppings into place as well. Finally, you place the newly created pie in the oven. By now, I think everybody will get the overall idea of the game itself.

The catch here is that the game’s difficulty is set to such a high standard of perfection in pizza making, that the success rate is low. One ounce of cheese sprinkled over the crust rather than on the pie will be game over. Making a pie slightly off rather than a perfect circle will become a K.O. again. Even a portion of sauce larger on one side of the pie than the other will end your short-lived pizza making career.

The main goal here is to teach players that “practice makes perfect” and quality is everything. Thus, this brings in the notion or belief that this game will help people succeed at jobs…mainly Domino’s. This game is now a standard for Domino’s hiring process. Before an employee applies, they must successfully complete over two rounds of intense pizza making. There is one cool factor to all of this and that is the choice to actually place a real order via the app. There is certainly a sense of satisfaction completing the round to place your custom order. Ultimately though, if you’re in a rush to order pizza, this may not be the ideal method.