Rumor: Wii U Being Renamed to “Wii Entertainment System”?

It’s been rumored that Nintendo was looking into renaming the Wii U for a few months now. However, based on the image found on Nintendo of Japan’s website, the new name may have been leaked. When you look at the image below, you’ll notice the “Wii Entertainment System” being mentioned in the schedule for April 26th. This could potentially be an announcement for the new name Nintendo is gearing toward.

Keep in mind, this should be taken with a grain of salt as it is simply speculation. I think the Wii U may be a lacking name for Nintendo’s successor to the Wii but it sounds less confusing than Wii Entertainment System. Wii Entertainment System does little to nothing to differentiate it from the Wii. On the other hand, we never called the original Nintendo by it’s full name, Nintendo Entertainment System. We either simply called it Nintendo or NES. If Nintendo is naming the Wii U the Wii Entertainment System, it may be trying to strike the tone of it more as WES, similar to NES. Granted, WES doesn’t flow as smoothly as NES did but it’s purely me speculating at this point.

What do you guys think the Wii U should be renamed as? Do you think Wii U sounds fine as it is? Sound off in the comments below!

UPDATE: Apparently, according to MyNintendoNews, it appears the image was tweaked through Photoshop. The “Wii Entertainment System” text overlapped the website link to Mario Party 9. Regardless, what do you guys think the Wii U should be renamed as?

  • brianbeall

    Not sure but Wii U is a poor choice (even if it looks nice promoting the tablet). I’d say bring the “Ultra” 64 out of retirement or call it the U4IC. Maybe even GameGirl, Gameboy’s been lonely.

    • Interesting how you brought up “Ultra” 64. Haven’t heard that title in quite some time. I was thinking they could bring back the “Revolution” name they were originally using for the Wii. It just sounds gripping. Even simply calling it “Nintendo” would be great. They’re trying to rebrand the company and what better way than to have the console name come full circle.

      • rocknrogue0124

        Call it the Super Wii, I say!

  • JDW

    How about Nintendo “U”. Just drop the Wii branding all together. That will differentiate it from its predeceasor in the public conciousness whilst still being a bold name.

  • DekuJohnny

    I think the main reason the name “NES” flows so well is because of the legacy behind the name, I think the WES would make people think of the days when everyone thought Nintendo were the best game company instead of just the people who know what they’re talking about.

  • Anon

    The name should remain ‘Wii U’. It’s a system built from the Wii brand (so ‘Wii’ should remain), created mainly for the individual instead of the family or group (so ‘U’ implies one person and should remain), The ‘U’ also sounds like ‘2’ and provides the implication that it is a descendant of the Wii.

    All the talk about changing the name is a waste of time and is none of the gamers concern anyway. Let Nintendo provide and name their products as the want. We’ll play and enjoy them all the same and those who don’t like it can go buy and play some other crap.