The House of the Dead 4 Finally Gets a Console Release

The House of the Dead franchise has always been a great shooter to play in the arcade with a buddy or even dual-wielding two guns for yourself. I remember literally having a group of people watch me complete the original House of the Dead when I dual-wielded two guns by playing as two players. Good times.

SEGA released sequels throughout the years but one installment never received console treatment, The House of the Dead 4. Well, time to dust off those PS Move Sharpshooters. Aside from The House of the Dead 3 being released via PSN on February 7th with full PS Move support, The House of the Dead 4 will also be coming to the PS3 this Spring. Those who’ve been waiting for this release will finally have the chance to play the game.

Will you be getting The House of the Dead 4? Needed a reason to pick up the PS Move? Sound off in the comments below!