Game of the Year 2011 Nominees – Readers Choice Awards

2011 has been a spectacular year for gaming. We’ve seen some truly brilliant games throughout these months and composing this Game of the Year list was no easy task. However, our opinion isn’t the only one that matters. The staff here at Gamers Xtreme want to see all of YOUR personal picks as well! Below are the categories and nominees that we ultimately decided on. We look forward to seeing your votes. The readers choice winners will be revealed on December 23rd along with our staff’s personal choices. Vote now for your favorite games!

Best Action/Adventure:

Best Driving Game:

Best First-Person Shooter:

Best Open-World Game:

Best RPG Game:

Best Fighting Game:

Best Sports Game:

Best Story:

Best Voice-Acting in a Game:

Best Sound Design:

Best Soundtrack:

Best HD Collection:

Best Downloadable Title:

Best Competitive Multiplayer:

Best Co-Op Multiplayer:

Most Underrated Game:

Best PC Game:

Best PSP Game:

Best 3DS Game:

Best PS3 Exclusive:

Best Xbox 360 Exclusive:

Best Wii Exclusive:

Best Multiplatform Title:

Overall Game of the Year:

  • dieger

    dark souls should have been in the underrated category to almost no one plays it or remembers it yet its the best game of 2011 IMPO

    • Dark Souls is an outstanding game but we wouldn’t classify it as underrated…which is a good thing. Dark Souls sold over 1 million copies which is excellent! I always see people playing it on my PSN list…even myself. 🙂

      The games chosen were ultimately games that didn’t sell well at all but were hidden gems. Dark Souls was well known since Demon’s Souls struck a chord with many when it was released in 2009.

  • Doomdary

    best multiplayer COD MW3 , it is better than Battlefield 3 ?? ahahah that makes me laught, whatever. Tha title counts.

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