Original Voice-Acting Returns in Silent Hill HD Collection

According to an image shown on NeoGAF of Dave Schaufele (Eddie) and Guy Cihi (James Sunderland) signing off waivers, it appears that the original voice over cast of Silent Hill 2 will appear in the Silent Hill HD Collection.  This is great news seeing how negative the response was to the voice acting being redone for this beloved installment in the franchise.  Monica Taylor Horgan, who plays Maria, and Donna Burke, who plays Angela, also stated that they will be signing the waiver as well.  With that being said, it appears that it’s official that the original voice overs are back.

Guy Cihi left a comment on Facebook stating the following:

“I think we are close to a solution with Konami that will put the original voices back into the HD release. Tomm Hulett called me. We had a nice chat. I am 95% sure we are going to get a Win-Win ending. All I need to do is find the damn bowling alley and talk to that guy… What was his name again? =)”

It is also worth noting that Silent Hill 2 will have all the bonus content from the Restless Dreams edition.  Unfortunately, the HD Collection has been delayed along with Silent Hill: Downpour to early 2012.