Gearing Up for the Big 2011 Xbox Update

Well, we’re now approaching fall of 2011 and aside from all the stellar titles being released, the new Xbox update will also be available…and what an update it will be!

Bing Search Engine, YouTube, Skype, Cloud storage, and many other enhancements that will undoubtedly push the system forward technology wise. Microsoft will transport the Bing search engine to the Xbox 360. Players will be able to search through all the apps on the system including ESPN, Netflix, the Xbox Live Marketplace, and Hulu . Kinect will receive full voice activation support to search through menus and move around using the power of Bing.

The Cloud technology will be a great addition letting you easily access your profile and saved games from any Xbox 360 console. This Cloud technology will move saved games onto Microsoft’s database, at which point they can be downloaded onto any console the gamer tag is signed in on similar to the PS3’s cloud service. Skype and YouTube will be another huge addition to the marketplace on Xbox, allowing players to connect online more than ever before. With the announcement of Facebook partnering with Skype this year, one could only imagine how innovative this will play out for the 360 being that both Facebook and Skype will be on the console.

Lastly, there will be a number of enhancements made to the dashboard itself from friends list to avatars and achievements to now stereoscopic 3D support, everything will be be touched up and enhanced to better suit our ever growing technological world. Look for this huge update in the next few months hitting Xbox owners everywhere.