Why Trophies/Achievements are Pointless

1) No Value

It’s like working for free.  You play an endless amount of hours to collect every trophy/achievement in a game, and then you finally master the game by collecting 100% of everything. You get a sense of accomplishment for about 30 seconds, and then realize that you spent the last few hours of your life collecting things that ultimately don’t matter.  Instead, Sony and Microsoft should keep track of your trophies/achievements and reward you with free games on PSN/Xbox Live when you reach a certain percentage. Now if I knew that I would be rewarded in some way, then I’m all for using extra hours on pointless “do this, collect that” errands if I know that I can get a free game out of it. Otherwise, it’s pretty pointless.

2) Distraction to Gaming

I’m sure that many people have experienced moments when you are in the middle of an intense firefight while being completely immersed in the experience, when all of a sudden, you hear a “ting” with a box that appears in the corner of your screen. Well that little sound and visual just ruined a portion of the experience. Not only that, but players are often caught focusing on a game’s objective, that oftentimes, they’ll remember of a trophy/achievement they could get by jumping over an enemy 10 times (or some other absurd goal, if you didn’t catch the sarcasm). It becomes a distraction to the game play and again, something that is completely pointless. What is worse are players who review all the trophies/achievements before they even start playing a game so that they can get everything. Players are no longer playing a game for the experience, but rather to “collect them all.”

3) The More You Have…

Ever compare your trophies/achievements with someone else? Does it make you look cooler? No, it actually makes you look like someone who does nothing but sit on his/her couch playing video games more than anyone else. Not exactly something to brag about. While I agree that trophies and achievements do bring about more replay value (which is a good thing), don’t become a “trophy/achievement whore” that needs to collect 100% in every game. It’s pointless and detracts from the overall experience of a game. Play because it’s fun…no one likes working for free.