Why a 6-10 Hour Game is More than Enough

1) You Get What You Pay For

 So you say that you want the most out of your $60 purchase? Think for a second about the entertainment industry. You spend approximately $10-15 to view an estimated two-hour movie in the theater, which is justified by the millions of people who watch motion pictures. Hypothetically then, you would pay $60 to watch a movie that is about 8-12 hours of entertainment. Many people cry foul when they purchase a $60 game and complete the main campaign in 6-10 hours, cursing to the heavens or anyone that will listen that their purchase should grant them endless hours of entertainment…but sometimes, you just get what you pay for.

2) Too Much of a Good Thing is Bad

Some games are great! The game play and story are so gripping that you don’t want to put the controller down. Some movies and books are like that as well. Remember that one movie that lasted 12 hours? Or that book that was 10,000 pages long? Nope, didn’t think so. Let’s face it, no matter how good something is, the concept can only be gripping for so long. I have played numerous games in my 25 year gaming lifespan, and there were many that I loved the first few hours that I couldn’t put down. Yet the more I played and the more I realized that I was basically doing the same thing for countless hours, the more I realized that I just wanted the game to end because of sheer boredom. There are only so many zombies to kill, merchandise to trade, areas to explore, and cut scenes to watch before I realize that I’ve done it all before. Sometimes too much of a good game could kill it.

3) Replay Value

If you’re like me, then you have a fond recollection of playing through classic 8-bit and 16-bit games from Nintendo and Sega. You remember mastering the games you loved so much because of how much play time you put into the full game. Even as years passed, you will always remember the classics! Know why? Because the games were short enough to enjoy and replay over again until you mastered it. No need to play a game for months, needing to save and load through each play session until finally seeing the credits roll. Short games (such as the current God of War series) are fantastic examples of great games with perfect pacing. The game can be completed in roughly 6-10 hours, and are some of the greatest games in the industry. It captures your interest, gives a great story, and introduces phenomenal game play that redefined gaming. Rarely do we replay games that took 20-40 hours to accomplish because 1) it is still fresh in our minds, 2) there are too many other games we want to play, and 3) we simply might not have the time in our lives to play through it again. Great games that are within the 6-10 hour range give us a fantastic experience that we can replay again and again.