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Skee-Ball Review (Switch) – “An Expensive Past-time”

Skee-Ball is an iconic game that has provided a … [Continue Reading]

Eternal Edge Review (Switch) – “Eternally Glitched”

Eternal Edge is a title that appeared on the eShop … [Continue Reading]

Super Toy Cars Review (Switch eShop) – “RC Pro Am Not”

Remember the days when we were younger, with a … [Continue Reading]

Nine Parchments Review (Switch/PS4/X1) – “Spellbinding”

Nine Parchments is a spell-casting adventure where … [Continue Reading]

Caveman Warriors Review (Switch) – “Prehistoric Mess”

Caveman Warriors was a Kickstarter title that aims … [Continue Reading]

Gear.Club Unlimited Review (Switch) – “Switching Gears”

Gear.Club was originally a mobile racing title … [Continue Reading]

Forma.8 Review (Switch) – “Explore Your Patience”

Forma.8 is an exploratory puzzler of sorts by … [Continue Reading]

Phantom Trigger Review (Switch/PC) – “Worlds Collide”

Phantom Trigger is the latest indie to hit the … [Continue Reading]

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Top 10 Wii U Games to Own (3 Years into its Lifecycle)

Happy 3rd birthday to the Wii U! Today marks three years since Nintendo’s latest home console hit shelves, and while many claim the system hasn’t reached the success that was expected, it would be a lie to say that it doesn’t have some of the most stunning games available on the market to date. To […]

Top 10 Most Entertaining PS4 Platinum Trophies

When it comes to the trophy system, let’s face it, there’s nothing like the hook of hearing that “ding” sound when you earn a trophy. Furthermore, there’s something really gratifying about earning a platinum trophy for a game knowing that you completed the game more or less to its entirety (depending on what the trophy […]

Top 10 GBA Games that Need to Come to Wii U VC

Nintendo has finally rolled out the Virtual Console service for the Wii U and they’ve mentioned that we will see GBA and N64 titles hit the service in the near future. For this Top 10, I’ve decided to look back at some GBA classics that I feel would make a perfect fit for the Wii […]

Top 10 Wii Titles to Own for the Wii U

In less than a week, many will be getting their hands on Nintendo’s highly anticipated console, the Wii U. Being fully backwards compatible with Wii titles, I looked back at the games that really stood for me on the Wii. Seeing as how there are many people who skipped out on the Wii but garnered […]

Top 10 PSN/XBLA Downloadable Titles

Over the course of this console generation’s life-cycle, we’ve seen a ton of downloadable titles hit both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Currently owning over 140 downloadable games available for both platforms, I’ve decided to sort through my catalog of titles and list which ones are entirely worth the purchase. It’s important to […]

Top 10 First-Person Shooters of All Time

First Person Shooters are one of the most beloved, yet over-saturated genres currently in the gaming industry. While there are a lot of great ones out there, there are an exceptional bunch that stand out over the others. Here are my personal favorites in the industry that truly stood out: 10) Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six […]

Top 10 Retail Titles for Under $20 this Generation

There’s no question that this current generation has provided some truly astonishing games. However, there are still those who may have missed out on must-play titles or are just now getting into this console generation. With that perspective, I’ve compiled a list of titles that can be nabbed for the mere price of a Jackson. […]

Top 10 Hardest/Most Rewarding Gaming Challenges

Many will say games are meant to be played for enjoyment. Others are masochistic and love their gaming challenges, no matter how extreme and demanding the game may be. We’ve all had our share of moments where not only did we play a game on the hardest difficulty, we’ve completed certain stipulations to unlock bonuses […]

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